History of the MKA


Musha Shugyo Karate Association (MKA) was founded in 1980 by Sensei Mike Lynch and Sensei Buz Sawyer.

During the following it year it had affiliations and links to many national and international organisations and finally in 1994 became a founding group of the World Martial Arts Council (WMAC)

MKA has affiliated clubs across Greater Manchester and Cheshire and during it’s history has produced over 100 senior black belts ranging from 1st Dan to 5th Dan – several of whom run their own clubs, organisations and dojos.

The present Tekken Dojo is the Iron Fist Tekken Dojo, Cadishead (TD).

This Tekken Dojo is a newly established Dojo where advanced instructors and invited students train on a regular basis in Japanese and Okinawan traditional (non-sport) Karate and related martial arts.

Tekken Dojo is not open to the public and membership is by invitation only.

Tekken Dojo is active in the local community, raising money for good causes and charitable organisations.

Chief Instructors

Sensei Mike Lynch holds a 6th Dan in Karate. He began his training in 1964 at the original Sei Do Kan lcub in Ashton-Under-Lyne with Martin Stott and late, great, Danny Connor.

Training with the likes of Danny and Martin along with Sensei Roy Stanhope gave Mike the hunger to further his horizons within Martial Arts.

Seeking out many styles and organisations, Mike expanded into the tournament arena becoming a highly skilled and successful fighter.

Sport Karate however was not fulfilling enough and Mike began to seek out deeper study of the Martial Arts over the years.

Mike trained under many of the visiting Japanese masters from several styles of Karate including Sensei T.Suzuki, Sensei Shiomitsu, Sensei’s Takamizawa and Kono all from Wado Ryu, as well as Sensei Kanazawa and Enoeda from Shotokan.

Mike has trained many successful fighters in both, karate, kick boxing and full contact, including British and European super heavyweight kick boxing champions and WMAC European Karate Champions.

Sensei Lynch, Sensei Sawyer and Sensei Whitty have long studied the standing usage of the Japanese Sword (Iaido) following the tradition of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, under who’s late grandmaster Matsuo Haruna Sensei they all studied.


MKA Registered Instructors

Sensei M Lynch – 7th Dan – Newly awarded

Sensei G.W Sawyer – 7th Dan – Newly awarded

Sensei H Whitty – 5th Dan

Sensei A Delaney – 4th Dan

Sensei D Horsfall – 4th Dan

Sensei S McConnell -4th Dan

Sensei B Farnworth –  2nd Dan

Sensei A Jones – 2nd Dan

Sensei D Jordan 1st Dan

Sensei S Eastman – 2nd Dan –

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